Károly Nagy re-elected as Managing Director of CENTREX

By the latest decision of the General Assembly of CENTREX International Association of Exhibition Statisticians seated in Budapest (May 2022), Károly Nagy, an international exhibition industry expert, consultant and lecturer in the field of communication and marketing, was reappointed as Executive Director of the organization.

Károly Nagy was the initiator of CENTREX and former longstanding Managing Director. He was also the initiator, founder and a longstanding Secretary General of AHEFO – Association of Hungarian Trade Fair and Exhibition Organizers.

Károly Nagy is an international expert in the area of exhibition statistical standards. On behalf of CENTREX, he was active in UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, as an active member of the Marketing, Exhibition Statistics and Education Committees. He is a co-author of international standards in the field of auditing trade fair statistical data.

In 2008, in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, Károly Nagy implemented a professional audit of trade fair statistics in Poland. Since 2008 until now, in cooperation with PCEI, he has been carrying out audits of trade fairs organized by PCEI members and improving standards and statistical definitions in this area.