Honorary Members of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry

Andrzej Bobiński

  • Mr. Andrzej Bobiński, a mechanical engineer by education, a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology, has been professionally involved in the automotive industry since 1971. In this field he has personally contributed to the development of the economy of Wielkopolska region and the city of Poznań. As a director of the Agricultural Cars Factory “POLMO”, Mr. Andrzej Bobiński in the 70’s contributed, among others, to launching production of the first Polish car intended for agriculture,  the famous “Tarpan” – in 1972, in Antoninek near Poznań.
  • The experience gained by Mr. Andrzej Bobinski in the automotive industry has been turned into the success for his own company, TRANSMEBLE INTERNATIONAL Przedsiębiorstwo Międzynarodowej Spedycji Targowej, seated in Poznań (a founding member of PCEI) which is a leading Polish company in trade fair forwarding services for exhibitors, dynamically operating and expertly managed, which has contributed to the improvement of the quality of such services in Poland and the perception of the Polish trade fair market by Polish and foreign customers. Mr. Bobinski’s great professional achievement is the creation of the technical base for the reloading equipment in Poznan. The company’s numerous trade fair customers appreciate the high qualifications of the office staff and forklift operators, as well as the high class reloading equipment used for forwarding work.
  • Throughout his life, Mr. Andrzej Bobinski has successfully combined his professional work with social activities. He is a distinguished activist, currently Honorary President of the Automobile Club of Wielkopolska in Poznań – a club for automobile enthusiasts, which has been dynamically operating since 1923 and currently has several thousand members. It was at the initiative of Mr. Andrzej Bobinski that the Poznań Track, the first car track in this part of Europe, was built in 1977. Mr. Andrzej was also the originator of the Poznań Bus Station, which served the residents of Poznań until 2013.
  • Mr. Andrzej is one of the founders of the Polish Logistics Association, on the initiative of which the Poznań School of Logistics was established in the 1990s. As an expert in transport, logistics and forwarding, he has cooperated with many experts and scientists at universities in Poland and abroad (Poznań University of Technology, Poznań University of Economics, University of Gdańsk, University of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Hochschule Neuss fűr Internationale Wirtschaft).
  • Mr. Andrzej Bobiński has also been involved in publishing for many years, serving as a member of the Program Council of the trade journal Logistyka.
  • Since 1995, Mr. Bobiński has been a co-founder and a member, as well as the Chairman of the Program Council of Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Association, created by entrepreneurs, representatives of science, culture and arts, politics and media, for the purpose of creating conditions conducive to the development of domestic entrepreneurship.
  • Mr. Andrzej Bobiński devoted a very important part of his social activity to trade fairs and exhibitions in Poland. As a Member of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry he became known as a person extremely involved in the affairs of the domestic exhibition industry and the Chamber itself. He inspired actions to improve the quality of trade fair services provided by Polish companies and to implement good practices, honesty and ethics in business. As the leading Polish provider of transport and forwarding services for trade fairs and exhibitions he was always concerned about the high level of services, which he expressed through his involvement in discussions and actions resulting from the need to solve problems faced by the exhibition industry in Poland.
  • Mr. Andrzej is also experienced in the work of PCEI decision-maiking bodies, as he was a member and vice-chairman of the PCEI Audit Committee and the PCEI Adjudication Committee for many years.
  • For his merits in the field of social activity, Mr. Andrzej Bobiński has received numerous awards, distinctions and state decorations,  among them, in 2013, Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, in recognition of his contribution to the Polish economy and the exhibition industry, on the 20th anniversary of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.

Manfred Busche (Germany)

  • Mr Manfred Busche is a graduate of Philipps-Universität Marburg and Freie Universität Berlin. He holds a doctorate in economics and social sciences (1962). From 1962 to 1965 he worked as a lecturer at the Goethe Institute in Cairo and as Deputy Director of the German Cultural Institute in Cairo.
  • From 1965 to 1999, Mr. Manfred Busche worked and held various management positions in the German trade fair sector, particularly in Berlin. Until 1970 he was authorised signatory of Ausstellungsdienst Berlin (ADB), then until 1987 Managing Director of Ausstellungs-, Messe-, Kongress-GmbH (AMK Berlin). From 1987 to 1999 Mr. Manfred Busche was Chairman of the board of AMK Berlin, which was renamed Messe Berlin GmbH in 1992. In 1966 Mr. manfred Busche initiated the first International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin.
  • From 1998 to 2001 Busche was a Chairman of the World Trade Fair Association UFI (Union des foires internationales, based in Paris).
  • In 2000 Mr. Manfred Busche was a honorary guest of the General Assembly of Polish Trade Fair Corporation. In June 2002 he was a participant and speaker at the conference “Trade Fairs as a Stimulator of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development of Cities” organized by the Polish Trade Fair Corporation and the Edward Kwiatkowski Society.
  • For many years Mr. Manfred Busche was a lecturer at European universities including Poznań University of Economics, Postgraduate Study of Communication and Promotion in Business organized since 2000 in cooperation with the Polish Trade Fair Corporation.

Dr Andrzej Byrt

  • Mr. Andrzej Byrt is a Doctor of Economic Sciences, a graduate of the University of Economics in Poznań.
  • For many years Mr. Andrzej Byrt had been an employee, the Executive Director, and the Chairman of the Board (1982-1987 and 2009-2014) of Poznań International Fair. At that time he implemented an extensive investment program and expanded the scope of trade events organized by PIF in Poland and abroad, thus increasing the market share of PIF in Poland, and its turnover and profitability.
  • In the years 2010 – 2014 Mr. Andrzej Byrt was a member and then (since 2010) the President of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. During this period, thanks to his contacts with the representatives of the local and state authorities, he supported PCEI on many occasions enabling it to reach decision-makers in many economic areas with its industry-related problems.
  • Mr. Andrzej Byrt is a former dyplomat. He was a diplomatic representative of our country abroad he was a commercial attaché in the Polish Embassy in Brussels (1987-1990), and later he was promoted to the post of the commercial attaché – Head of the Commercial Attaché Office in the Polish Embassy in Brussels. He was nominated twice to the post of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland in the Federal Republic of Germany (1996-2001 and 2002-2006). In 2001 he was an adviser to the President in German affairs and economic affairs. Later on he assumed the post of the Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland where he was responsible for bilateral relations between Poland and the European Union member states and the countries of Africa and the Middles East, as well as for economic and cultural affairs and public diplomacy of Poland in the whole world. In the years 2014 – 2016 Mr. Andrzej Byrt was the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland in the French Republic and the Principality of Monaco.
  • Mr. Andrzej Byrt is a member of the Economic Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, member of the Committee of the Economic Award of the President of Poland and many other social bodies. Also for many years now he has been a lecturer of international economic relations, art of diplomacy, international economic negotiations or the diplomatic protocol.
  • For his achievements so far, Mr. Andrzej Byrt was decorated with the Officer’s Cross (1997) and Commander’s Cross (2011) of the Order of Polonia Restituta, Grand Cross with Start and Band of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (2001), Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Estonia (2002), Cross of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate (1997), and many other trade decorations and social honours.

Kazimierz Galicki

  • Mr. Kazimierz Galicki was the founder and long-term president of SAWO Bydgoszcz Fairs, organizing industry fair events of nationwide range in Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Tuchola. The company was the organizer of the International Fair of Work Safety and Rescue SAWO (1989 – 2003) and the International Fair of Forest Management EKO-LAS (1994 – 2008), the largest fair events in their industries in Poland.
  • SAWO Bydgoszcz Fair was a co-founder of Polish Fair Corporation and Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.
  • Mr. Kazimierz Galicki was the Chairman of the Audit Committee of PCEI from 2007 to 2009.

dr Małgorzata Legiędź-Gałuszka

  • Prof. Małgorzata Legiędź-Gałuszka is a graduate of sociology studies at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Łódź. She holds a PhD in sociology.
  • In the years 1992-2003 Ms. M. Legiędź-Gałuszka worked for the International Łódź Fair. She was a spokeswoman for the MTŁ, then the head of the Marketing Department and a member of the MTŁ Board. From 1995 to 2003 she was the General Director and President of the Board of the MTŁ. Under her management International Łódź Fair achieved considerable success, which translated into a high position in rankings of the exhibition industry.
  • From 1996 to 2000, Ms. M. Legiędź-Gałuszka was involved in social work for Polish Trade Fair Corporation. She was a member of the Corporate Committee for Verification of Statistical Data which initiated the professional audit of trade fair statistics of fair organizers in Poland. From 2001 to 2006 Ms. M. Legiędź-Gałuszka was a member of the Board of PKT until the liquidation of PKT (member of the liquidation team) due to establishing the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.
  • Between 2007 and 2010, Ms. M. Legiędź – Gałuszka was a member of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.
  • In 2013 Ms. M. Legiędź – Gałuszka  was awarded industry medals, with the Silver Cross of Merit.
  • After ending her activity in the exhibition industry, Ms.M. Legiędź-Gałuszka reestablished her professional career in higher education. In 2003, she returned to scientific and didactic work at the State Higher Vocational School in Włocławek. She has dealt in particular with the issues of media, social communication, advertising and public relations. In addition, Prof. M. Legiędź – Gałuszka has headed the Department of International Relations, the Department of Development and Promotion, the Career Office and the Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Professional Development. Her contributions to the substantive and organizational transformation of the University, as well as her excellent relationships with staff and students, influenced her election in 2011 to the position of Vice-Chancellor for Development, and then to the position of Rector of the State Higher Vocational School in Włocławek for the term 2015-2019.

Dr hab. Marcin Gębarowski

  • Mr. Marcin Gębarowski is a Professor and a holder of postdoctoral degree in Economic Sciences. From 2001 to 2017 he was an employee of the Department of Marketing at the Faculty of Management, Rzeszow University of Technology. Since 2017, he has been an assistant professor in the Department of Process Management in the Faculty of Commodity and Product Management at the Cracow University of Economics.
  • Prof. Marcin Gębarowski has cooperated with trade fairs and Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry for many years. He is the author of doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations on fair, author and co-author of two books and over 100 publications on fair. He promotes the idea of modern trade fairs on the pages of academic journals, in the media and at conferences. He inspires students to be active in the field of fairs. He successfully led his students to participate in competitions of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry: “Vision of Fairs 2020” and “Exhibitions 4.0.”
  • For many years Prof. Marcin Gębarowski has been a participant and speaker at many conferences devoted to trade fairs, including scientific conferences of PCEI and PCEI Winter Congresses, as well as a member of the PCEI Competition Jury “Exhibition of the Year”.
  • Mr Marcin Gębarowski is very passionate about trade fairs and exhibitions.

arch. Ryszard Grajewski

  • absolwent Wydziału Architektury Wnętrz i Wystawiennictwa poznańskiej Akademii Sztuk Pięknych (1958 r.);
  • zajmujący się wystawiennictwem od 1955 roku;
  • autor licznych projektów architektury targowej;
  • w swoim dorobku ma projektowanie polskich wystaw gospodarczych w latach siedemdziesiątych i osiemdziesiątych na targach w Europie, Azji, Afryce i Australii;
  • był m.in. głównym projektantem Polskiej Wystawy Gospodarczej w 1980 r. w Dusseldorfie oraz Polskiego pawilonu na Światowej Wystawie Expo w 1998 roku w Lizbonie;
  • W dorobku ostatniego dziesięciolecia znajdują się liczne projekty architektury wystawienniczej w kraju i za granicą;
  • Ryszard Grajewski zmarł 16 lutego 2021 – cześć Jego pamięci!

prof. zw. Witold Gyurkovich

  • Mr. Witold Gyurkovich was educated at the academies of fine arts in Wrocław and Poznań, where he later worked as an academic teacher.
  • Prof. Witold Gyurkovich was for many years the head of the Exhibition Design Studio at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and the rector of the Academy.
  • As an architect Mr. Witold Gyurkovich is the author of numerous designs of fair architecture, interior architecture and furniture designs and wicker forms exhibited in Poland and abroad.

Wojciech Hellwing

  • Mr. Wojciech Hellwing has been working in the trade fair industry since 1965. Since 1979 he was a Director of the National Center for Arts and Crafts, where he created the Exhibition Organization Department (among other things, he organized the construction of pavilion No. 2 with his own equipment, and a traveling Exhibition of Arts and Crafts in 12 cities of the then West Germany.
  • In 1993, Mr. W. Hellwing was one of the founders of the Polish Trade Fair Corporation and one of its four vice presidents of its first Board of Directors. Due to health reasons, he had to resign from this position after 3 years.
  • Mr. Wojciech Hellwing was a former Director of KORA and OW, until its liquidation in 1997. Then he started his own business as HELLWING-EXPO.

Zygmunt Kosmala

  • Mr. Zygmunt Kosmala is a graduate of Poznan University of Technology (1973).
  • He was professionally involved in the exhibition industry for over 30 years (1987 – 2019). As one of the partners of Inter- Service sp. z o.o., he organized and prepared, among other things, the construction exhibition on MTP grounds, which after two editions transformed into the BUDMA trade fair. The same applied to the SECUREX fair. He was involved in the organization of the 1st INFOSYSTEM fair in Wrocław, 1st clothing fair in Łódź, 1st POLAGRA in Poznań, and others. In 1997 he founded and for 23 years ran the company MAD-EXPO, which deals with the design and construction of exhibition stands.
  • As a partner of Inter-Service, Mr. Zygmunt Kosmala participated in the establishment (in 1993) of the Polish Corporation of Organizers of Trade Fairs and Economic Exhibitions (later known as the Polish Trade Fair Corporation). As MAD – EXPO he was a founding member of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry (in 2006), in which he was socially active, as a Member and Chairman of the Audit Committee (2015-2019).
  • Mr. Zygmunt Kosmala actively worked and served as the chairman of the trade fair stand builders’ section. For his contribution to the development of the Polish exhibition industry he was awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit in 2013.

Włodzimierz Kubiak

  • Mr. Włodzimierz Kubiak is a graduate of the University of Economics in Poznań. He is a former Member of the Board of national Association of Student Cooperatives in Warsaw. Since 1988 Mr. Kubiak was a Chief Specialist in the Office for the Organization of Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. In the years 1989 – 2004 he was the Director of BOTIR, a cooperative, an exhibition stand builder in Poland and abroad.
  • Mr Włodzimierz Kubiak was a longstanding member of Polish Trade Fair Corporation (as BOTIR), an active member of the Polish exhibition industry community and for many years a member of the Honorary Court of PTFC.

Kazimierz Marcinkowski

  • Mr. Kazimierz Marcinkowski is a former longstanding journalist, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Targowa (Trade Fair Magazine). Through his engagement in community service he was strongly related with Polish Trade fair Corporation. He was a Chairman of the Statistical Data Verification Committee of PTFC which started indipendent audit in this area in Poland.
  • As a professional journalist and editor, Mr. Marcinkowski excellently fulfilled the role of a press oficer of PTFC although it was informal. His contributions to the mediation culture in the new trade show environment are well known.

Privately Mr Kazimierz Marcinkowski is not only a passionate and enthusiast of trade fairs and exhibitions but also a great lover of wine and French culture.

Karol Nagy (Węgry)

  • Mr. Károly Nagy is an economist, a graduate of the Budapest University of Economics. First he started working in Hungary in electronics industry international trade, then joined public service for export promotion. Then he became an international expert, consultant and lecturer in the area of trade fair marketing and communication and development of small and medium scale enterprises in Central Europe.
  • In the years 1987 – 1999 Mr. Károly Nagy had been working for the HUNGEXPO (Budapest), the biggest trade fair/ exhibition organizer in Hungary. He was responsible for communication and marketing strategy of the company, planning and implementation  of new products and new services for exhibitors and visitors (launching value added services) including visitors’ data registration system.
  • Mr. Károly Nagy was the initiator, founder and a longstanding Secretary General of AHEFO – Association of Hungarian Trade Fair and Exhibition Organizers. He was also the initiator, founder and a longstanding Managing Director of CENTREX – the International Union of Exhibition Statisticians, seated in Budapest, associating the biggest exhibition organizers from Central and Eastern Europe. At present he is an advisor to CENTREX in the field of audit of trade fair statistics.
  • Mr. Károly Nagy is an international expert in the area of exhibition statistical standards (in CENTREX, in UFI). On behalf of CENTREX, he was active in UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, as an active member of the Committees: Marketing, Exhibition Statistics and Education. He is a co-author of international standards in the field of auditing trade fair statistical data.
  • In 2008, in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, Mr. Károly Nagy implemented a professional audit of trade fair statistics in Poland. Since 2008 until now, in cooperation with PCEI, he has been carrying out audits of trade fairs organized by PCEI members and improving standards and statistical definitions in this area.
  • Mr. Károly Nagy is a great enthusiast and admirer of Poland – its history, culture and cuisine. He has been to Poland dozens of times, not only professionally but also privately. He loves travelling around Poland and meeting Poles.

arch. Tadeusz Piątek

  • wybitny projektant architektury wystawienniczej;
  • absolwent Wydziału Architektury Politechniki Warszawskiej;
  • zajmujący się wystawiennictwem od końca lat pięćdziesiątych;
  • autor licznych projektów architektury targowej na targach w kraju i za granicą;
  • Pan Tadeusz Piątek zmarł 4 marca 2019 roku – cześć Jego pamięci!

Jacek Serkuczewski

  • Mr. Jacek Serkuczewski has been connected with the exhibition industry since 1988. Until 2009 he was the vice-president of the International Fair Centre, the organiser of Złoto, Srebro, Czas exhibition in Warsaw and the vice-president of the Pracownia Sztuk Plastycznych. Between 1996 and 2000 he was active in Polish Fair Corporation as a member of the Commission for Verification of Statistical Data which initiated professional audit of fair statistics for the members of Polish Fair Corporation.
  • Between 2001 and 2006 Mr. Jacek Serkuczewski was a member of the Board of Polish Trade Fair Corporation. From 2007 to 2010 he was a member of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.

Dariusz Stołecki

  • Mr. Dariusz Stołecki was professionally connected with the TEXTILIMPEX Foreign Trade Centre. He became known as an active participant in the Łódź and all-Poland trade fair community.
  • As a representatitive of TEXTILIMPEX Mr. Dariusz Stołecki was a longstanding member of Polish Trade Fair Corporation and later a Counselor Member of the PTFC

Przemysław Trawa

  • Mr. Przemysław Trawa is an economist, a graduate of the Poznan University of Economics (1974) and Wielkopolska Business School in Poznań (1996).
  • Mr. Przemysław Trawa has been professionally involved in the exhibition industry for over 30 years. He started his professional career with the Poznań International Fair in 1983. In the 1980s Mr. Trawa headed the PIF Finance Department. Next, he held the positions of Deputy Chief Accountant of (1991), Head of the Economic Department (1992-1995) and Director for Economic and Organisational Affairs (1996) of Poznań International Fair.
  • In the years 1997-2020 Mr. Przemysław Trawa was a member of the PIF Board: he was twice the Vice President of the Board (1996 – 2007 and 2009 – 2014) and also twice served as President of the Board (2007-2009 and  2015-2020).
  • Mr. Przemysław Trawa was responsible for many prestigious projects and events organized and co-organized by Poznań Internationl Fair, including the coordination of activities accompanying the Polish Presidency of the European Council (2011), as well as the logistical organization of the UN Climate Summit – COP 14 (14th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC) in December 2014 in Poznań and the UN Climate Summit – COP 19 in Warsaw.
  • Mr. Przemysław Trawa is also a long-term academic lecturer at Poznań higher education institutions: University of Management and Banking (in the field of financial analysis of enterprises) and Poznań School of Banking (in the field of foreign exchange law).
  • Mr. Przemysław Trawa is the former President of the Council of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry (2015-2020). Thanks to his great involvement in social work for the Polish exhibition industry and for the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, the only nationwide economic chamber of the industry, our organization was able, over these years, to accomplish a great number of important projects for the development of trade fairs and exhibitions in Poland, as well as for the Chamber itself and its Members.
  • The systematic strengthening and growing prestige of PCEI in the recent years, as well as its positive perception by its Partners, i.e. trade fair clients, authorities and media, are the evidence of that.