We are celebrating the Global Exhibitions Day 2016 – June 8, 2016!

It is just one week before the first ever Global Exhibitions Day 2016 ! The group of many dozens exhibition associations from over the world, hundreds of exhibitions organizers, exhibition venues operators and companies providing a wide range of exhibition-related services on all continents, which will celebrate this day, includes Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. In connection with the Global Exhibitions Day 2016 established by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, at the Initiative of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, on June 8, 2016, Warsaw will host two events which will gather representatives of the most important Polish organizations and companies from two sectors – exhibitions and MICE, which have a lot in common since they foster connections between people and support the development of business contacts and economic development of cities, countries and regions of the world. The events are: the Annual General Meeting of PCEI and the preceding interesting artistic event. The Global Exhibitions Day 2016 will connect the exhibition world The aim of the Global Exhibitions Day campaign is to highlight the role of the exhibition industry in the perception of the key stakeholders who are: business community, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (potential clients of exhibitions), state an local authorities, as well as the future generation of exhibition employees. On the Global Exhibitions Day 2016 around the world, from Sao Paulo to Shanghai, from Scandinavia to South Africa, the exhibitions industry and MICE companies united in the unique campaign will speak in one voice to communicate the most important benefits of exhibitions: o Exhibitions are the most effecting marketing tool, especially for SMEs! oExhibitions stimulate innovativeness and competitiveness! oExhibitions foster the development of trade and are an instrument of internationalization! oExhibitions support economic growth and generate social and economic benefits! oExhibitions connect people! – Exhibitions mean contact face to face! – Exhibitions teach and entertain! – We love exhibitions! The Global Exhibitions Day is an opportunity to honour people who work in the exhibition industry around the world and to show the attractiveness of this profession and career opportunities in companies from the exhibition sector. On June 8, 2016, many countries in the world will host special events devoted to the Global Exhibitions Day 2016. Additionally, high activity was also planned in online information channels and social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Join us, be active and celebrate the Global Exhibitions Day with us! Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, May 27, 2016.