Visit the website of our campaign Exhibitions Offer More

You are invited to explore the website of the promotional campaign called Exhibitions Offer More , organized by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. Each day you can find new interesting information and facts from the world of Polish exhibitions as well as opinions and articles by people professionally connected with the exhibition sector or exhibition aficionados. Among the aficionados we have Marcin Gębarowski PhD of the University of Economics in Kraków, author and co-author of two books on exhibitions and close to one hundred articles devoted to exhibiting. Now you can read his interesting article entitles “Expos also offer more”. Exhibitions offer more! More time, contacts, knowledge, money. The nation-wide campaign by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry promotes the idea of visiting exhibitions and builds a positive image of trade fair and exhibitions. The aim of the campaign is to encourage Poles to visit exhibitions and to take advantage of their comprehensive offer. Regardless of the age, interests and profession, everyone can find something interesting there. Thanks to exhibitions, visitors and, above all, entrepreneurs gain new customers, save time, gain new knowledge and contacts, and develop their passions. The TDW campaign also has it Facebook profile.