UFI releases Euro Fair Statistics 2015: Exhibition industry data for 23 countries

UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, published its annual Euro Fair Statistics report, providing up-to-date data on 23 countries in the European exhibition market. Drawing on official data from 14 national trade fair bodies, UFI’s latest report compiles certified statistics on 2,420 exhibitions covering a total of 24,8 million square metres of registered rented space in 2015. Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director, said: “We are pleased to provide this large scope of data which gives a thorough overview of the exhibition markets in Europe. It represents around half of the European exhibition market in terms of net rented space and it is aimed at helping companies obtain reliable data on exhibitions in any of the 23 countries included in the report.” The events covered in this report involved 677,146 exhibiting companies over the course of 2015 and registered a total attendance of 67,3 million visitors. 35% of the exhibitions were targeted at trade visitors and 31% at public visitors, while 34% were geared towards both target groups. Euro Fair Statistics represents a vital source of reliable, neutral data that is used by industry players as a solid basis to establish trends, both on regional and global levels. The complete 2015 Euro Fair Statistics study, and other UFI studies, may be downloaded on the UFI website at www.ufi.org/research. In line with UFI’s mission to provide vital data to the whole industry, the report is available free of charge. The UFI’s goal is to continuously develop the geographical scope of this project and an important step was taken three years ago with the inclusion of certified data, in addition to audited data. Due to the different levels of development and global diversity, methods may vary slightly from country to country but all the national bodies who have taken part in this study guarantee the quality of the statistics they have provided. UFI strongly believes that auditing should, wherever possible, be done in a consistent manner to make figures comparable and audited events are identified as such in this report withthe name of the auditor. The 2015 edition of the Euro Fair Statistics report includes data collected by the following organisations: AEFI (Italy), AFE (Spain), BDO Associates (Portugal), CENTREX (Central East Europe), CLC Vecta (The Netherlands), Expo-Event.Live Communication Verband Schweiz (Switzerland), FEBELUX (Belgium Luxemburg), FKM (Germany), FKM Austria, FUTFO (Finland), SFC (Sweden), UNIMEV-OJS (France), RUEF (Russia) and UCCET (Turkey). The 2015 edtion of the Euro Fair Statistics report contains the certified statistical data of exhibitions from the following 23 countries: Austria (23), Belgium (61), Bulgaria (5), Croatia (5), Czech Republic (30), Finland (66), France (579), Germany (198), Hungary (15), Italy (181), Luxembourg (11), Moldavia (2), Poland (199), Portugal (31), Romania (12), Russia (150), Serbia (2), Slovenia (1), Spain (261), Sweden (32), Switzerland (84), The Netherlands (29), Turkey (419), Ukraine (24). Source: www.ufi.org