UFI Global Exhibition Barometer: Overall positive results anticipated for the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016

Results of UFI’s 15th Global Barometer survey indicate positive turnover expectations for 2015 and the first half of 2016, with in all regions an average of 6 companies out of 10 declaring increases. When compared to 2014, this appears to be a rather stable situation for the Americas or Europe, but it reflects a slight slowdown in Asia/Pacific or Middle East and Africa, who had higher levels of growth in 2014. However, both the USA and China outperform their respective regions, with more than 7 companies out of 10 declaring increases. In terms of operating profits, around 4 companies out of 10 in all regions except Asia/Pacific declare an increase of more than 10% in annual profits for 2014 and 2015; in Asia/Pacific, only 3 companies out of 10 do for 2014 but the situation improves to 5 companies out of 10 for 2015. China outperforms these results, with 58% of companies expecting an increase of more than 10% of their 2015 operating profits. Around half of respondents from all regions declared that the impact of the “economic crisis” on their exhibition business is now over. This level is similar to the one reached 6 months ago, except in Europe where the level of confidence increases from 28% to 45%. For another 2 to 3 companies out of 10 in all regions, the crisis will be over in 2015 or 2016. The most important business issues remain related to the general economic situation with the state of the national/regional economy and global economic uncertainty consistently selected as among the three most important business issues for the last four years together with local competition and internal management challenges. Environmental challenges (customer expectations, regulations, etc.) appear, as in the last 3 surveys, as the next most important issue. Paul Woodward, UFI Managing Director, concludes: “Despite fairly different economic situations around the world, the regional consolidated results indicate some converging positive results in terms of turnover increase for the coming year. This survey proves very useful for the industry and its stakeholders and we encourage all surveyed companies to keep providing their input for the next editions”. The 15th Global Barometer survey, conducted in June 2015, was answered by 201 companies from 55 countries. Full results of the 15th Global Barometer Survey can be freely downloaded at www.ufi.org/research. The next UFI Global Barometer Survey will be conducted in December 2015. Source: UFI – Global Association of the Exhibition Industry; www.ufi.org