The Polish Chamber of Commerce and its Members hosted by PCEI and PIF

On April 5, 2017, at the invitation of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, on the grounds of Poznań International Fair, there was a meeting of chambers associated in the Polish Chamber of Commerce, attended by its President, Mr. Andrzej Arendarski. The meeting chaired by Andrzej Arendarski, President of PCC, and Przemysław Trawa, President of the Board of PCEI, concerned the current situation and problems facing enterprises associated in economic chambers, as well as tasks in front of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. One of discussed topics was the bill initiated by citizen, submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, on the limitation of trading on Sundays. The meeting was attended by presidents of economic chambers for the provinces of Greater Poland, Lower Silesia, Western Pomerania. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, April 5, 2017.