The PCEI Report Exhibitions in Poland just published

On April 8, 2016, during the General Meeting of CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union, there was a première of the unique annual publication by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry – The PCEI Report Exhibitions in Poland . It is the twenty third edition of the Report. This year’s edition summarizes the results of the Polish exhibition market in 2015, covered by the research by PCEI, in collaboration with CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union, the official auditor of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. 2015 was another successful year for exhibitions in Poland, which has been facilitated by our favourable geopolitical location, Polish membership in the European Union and, above all, by the improving economic situation in Poland. Enterprises which have been experiencing the recovery, above all small and medium enterprises whose share in the total number of exhibitors at exhibitions in Poland has been at the steady level of approximately 84% for years now, unquestionably see the participation in specialist exhibitions in Poland as the effective method to achieve their marketing and communication goals. Exhibitions in Poland play a major role as the venue for international trade and for sale of products and services. In the analysis of the CENTREX-audited basic statistical parameters of the Polish exhibition sector in two-year cycles, i.e. for 2015 and 2013 (due to the organizational schedule of several leading exhibitions in Poland), one could observe yet another growth. The space contracted by exhibitors amounted to 764,908 square meters. In comparison with 2013 it was an increase by 12.1%. The total number of exhibitors on Poland in 2015 grew to almost 28,400, i.e. by approx. 2%, whereas the number of foreign exhibitors, currently referred to as international, grew by 6.7%. The decidedly largest growth was noted in terms of the number of visitors at exhibitions in Poland. In the previous year this increase amounted to approx. 15%. This strong upward trend in the number of visitors has been visible since 2010. In 2014 and 2013 the growth in the number of visitors amounted to 18% and 10% accordingly. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, April 8, 2016.