The Global Exhibitions Day or everything you would like to know about exhibitions

… but were afraid to ask. Almost 1.5 million visitors, 30 thousand exhibitors and over 750 thousand m2 of the exhibition space – these are the results achieved by the Polish exhibition industry in the previous year. How many events have you been to? If your answer is ‘none’, it is time to change this and see for yourself that exhibitions offer more… than meets the eye. Each year exhibitions around the world are visited by 260 million people and the total contracted exhibition space would cover the area of 300 thousand football fields. What does it prove? It proves that the exhibition sector is doing well; it smoothly adjusts to the changing market needs, effectively supports the development of trade and plays a significant role in the communication strategy of companies. Exhibitions are … flexible Despite the dynamic development of the e-commerce sector and the available online tools Poland enjoys the systematic growth in the number of exhibitors and visitors. What is interesting, the very formula of exhibitions is changing and they more and more often successfully combine exhibiting with the extensive offer of conferences and events. Thanks to this, in just several years so many exhibiting companies have invested in the construction of new venues and modern performance halls which can compete with their equivalents abroad. Exhibitions are … profitable In times when most business meetings are replaced by teleconferences and the product can be viewed only via a website, the need to meet a partner face to face, to shake his hand and personally verify his offer is of great importance. This has been proven by the analyses of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry which show that exhibitions are the only such effective tool of sales and promotion. And every zloty invested in participation in them returns eightfold! Exhibitions … are celebrating June 8, 2016, is the day when for the first time in history the leaders of the industry from around the world come together to support the initiative to promote exhibitions, their achievements and the potential. As part of the Global Exhibitions Day, Warsaw will host a meeting of the leaders of the Polish exhibition sector, associations, service providers and the MICE sector in order to discuss shared business projects, new enterprises and popularization of good practices. The effects of their cooperation and developed solutions will be visible next time you visit a fair or exhibition. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, June 8, 2016.