Respect copyrights. Do not steal. Love original.

Poznań International Fair and the loveOriginal Association are proud to invite you to the exhibition: ?WE loveOriginal, organized during the 10th edition of arena DESIGN and in connection with the 100th anniversary of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. This is the first time the exhibition has been organized in Poland. Its aim is to present the icons of design and to underline their unique identity. The organizers wish to develop awareness among the audience that every object has a face – the face is its author. – Copyrights are non-transferable – they are permanently linked to the creator and their protection is unlimited. We came to a conclusion that in the world filled with products inspired by the original, as the organizer of arena DESIGN, it is our duty to set up an association that will educate and propagate the knowledge of products, which are often classics of modern design, and about their creators – says Przemysław Trawa, Chairman of Poznań International Fair. “?WE loveOriginal“ exhibition will focus on the slogan: Respect copyrights. Do not steal. Love original. – World without counterfeits is our dream. Hence the idea of the symbolic garbage container and the campaign “Scrap the counterfeit”. We want to educate the audience about the respect for authors – says Berenike Milkowska-Milbrodtmówi, President of the #loveOriginals Association. “?WE loveOriginal“ exhibition accompanies arena DESIGN, which together with MEBLE Polska and Home Decor exhibitions are organized by Poznań International Fair on March 6-9. Exhibition co-organizers: loveOriginal Association Poznań International Fair Patron Patent Office of the Republic of Poland Curator: loveOriginal Association, venue: arena DESIGN, Pavilion 5, stand 48. Source: Poznań International Fair, photo by: #loveOriginal Association