Records at FDI 2016 – the Annual World Dental Congress and Exhibition in Poznań

During the trade fair of dental equipment, tools and materials which accompanied the FDI 2016 Congress, there were more exhibitors than in the previous editions held in: Bangkok, New Delhi, Istanbul and Hong Kong. 300 companies participated in the exhibition, including 82 from Poland. It is an absolute record. During the exhibition in Bangkok (2015), 290 companies presented dental products, in New Delhi (2014) – 233, in Istanbul (2013) – 271, and in Hong Kong – 211. The largest group of exhibitors were companies from: Germany, the USA, Great Britain, South Korea, Japan, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland. Visitors at PIF could see and test products from: Israel, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Russia or Ukraine. According to official data, almost 4 thousand persons participated in the educational part of the event. During four days, the World Dental Congress was visited by almost 11 thousand people. The Congress was organized by: the Polish Dental Association, FDI World Dental Association, EXACTUS from Łódź and Poznań International Fair.
Source: Exactus, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie.