President of Poland, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski, assumes patronage over Little PeWuKa at Poznań International Fair

On June 02 – 15, 2014, Poznań International Fair held the 2n Polish General Exhibition [PeWuKa] – “Competitive Poland 1989 – 2014”. The President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski assumed honorary patronage over this event. The exhibition called Little PeWuKą referred to the event held 85 years ago – the General Polish Exhibition – the largest event ever to be organized in Poland. The 2n Polish General Exhibition – Competitive Poland 1989 – 2014, presented Polish achievements of the last 25 years in four areas: the Economy, Self-Government, Culture and the Citizen. The event offered the presentations of the economic leaders who achieve successes in Poland and in the world, cultural achievements and the self-government potential of Polish communes and towns. Apart from the expositions, the event was also accompanies by smaller exhibitions (e.g. devoted to the first PeWuKa exhibition), and other cultural events. President Bronisław Komorowski, honored the event with his presence during the opening of the exhibition on June 2, 2014. Also on that day, during a festive Gala, Mr. President presented the Economic Award of the President of Poland.. Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry was one of the Patrons of the exhibition. The Chamber participated in the exhibition in Pavilion no. 1 with the new promotional slogan Exhibitions stimulate innovativeness and competitiveness and generate significant economic and social effects . The PCEI stand was visited by President Komorowski, which was a wonderful surprise for us, and his visit was commemorated on a special photograph. Additionally, at the invitation of Mr. President, the representatives of PCEI took part in the festive Gala of presenting the Presidential Awards. A little history May 16, 1929, is a special date in the history of Poznań International Fair. On that day President Ignacy Mościcki opened the Polish General Exhibition – the largest exhibition ever to be organized in Poland. The event commonly referred to as PeWuka was organized on the 10th anniversary of Poland regaining independence. Its objective was to present the economic, cultural, science and political achievements of the country which had reappeared on the map of Europe. The Patronage over PeWuKa was assumed by the highest state authorities, i.e. President Ignacy Mościcki and the Honorary Committee was chaired by Józef Piłsudski. Thanks to the trade fair traditions of Poznań and the efforts of the then Mayor of the City, Cyryl Ratajski, it was decided that this prestigious event would be held in the capital of Greater Poland. The preparations for this enormous event lasted several years. It was organized on 65 hectares – as comparison, remember that today Poznań International Fair occupies the area three times smaller and they are still the largest exhibition venue in our country. The exposition was prepared in 112 pavilions from May 16 to September 30, 1929. The event presented Polish achievements in the fields of industry, trade, agriculture, social care, physical education, hygiene, spots, culture, arts and science. 1,427 exhibitors attended the exhibitions and their stands were visited by 4.5 million people for all over the world. PeWuKa provided an gigantic dose of energy for the whole city of Poznań. Many of the building erected for PeWuKa are still used in the city. They are, among others, pavilion 3A PIF, Western Railway Station, Collegium Chemicum, Collegium Anatomicum or the Polonia Hotel (today a military hospital). Visitors to PeWuKa left Poznan fascinated with the city, the modern architecture of the pavilions, the attractions and – above all – the interesting exposition. Never before and never again have the Poles organized such a majestic exhibition, the magnitude of which can be compared only to today’s World EXPO exhibitions. Preparations to the General Polish Exhibitions, the atmosphere of those days and the scale of the event is well portrayed in the film „Pewuka – obrazki z wielkiej wystawy” made for the 80th anniversary of this event. Source: Poznań International Fair, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, photos by: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry archive