President Andrzej Bobiński – one of us with the prestigious award!

Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry has many outstanding members. This week the Golden Hipolit statuette was presented to Andrzej Bobinski from Transmeble International. Congratulations! When striving to accomplish objectives, difficulties should be treated like challenges – this motto perfectly describes the actions of Andrzej Bobiński, the long-standing President of Wielkopolska Automobile Club, the CEO of International Exhibition Forwarding Company Transmeble International, which has been a member of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry since 1997. During that time Andrzej Bobiński has served on many posts in the bodies of the Chamber. The Golden Hipolit is the annual award presented since 2001 by the Poznań Hipolit Cegielski Society. The award is presented to persons who have made a permanent impact on the social awareness through propagation of patriotic behaviours, respect for values of positivism and organic work as the source of nation’s welfare. The Golden Hipolit Chapter comprises intellectuals who represent various social trends, science, religion, culture and the media. Candidates can be submitted by institutions and private individuals who hold the mandate of social trust