Polish exhibition and conference venues in the European lead

In relation to the 81st Congress of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry – held in Bogota from October 29 to November 1, 2014, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry has been asked to study the current potential of exhibition and congress venues in Poland. The results of the research conducted by PCEI will be included in presentation of the overview of the global exhibition industry, which for many years now have be an inseparable, long awaited and one of the most interesting, according to delegates, points on the agenda of the annual UFI Congress. The research was conducted among the operators of exhibition and congress venues associated in PCEI, as well as among independent centers. The subject of the study was the gross space of exhibition venues divided into indoor and outdoor space in 2013-2014. Data from 23 venues were obtained in which Polish exhibitions are organized, including 11 managed by the members of the Chamber in 10 cities. The research results show that the Polish exhibition industry is doing better and better. Looking at comparable researches for the previous 3 years, i.e. 2010-2012, it can be seen that the exhibition infrastructure in Poland is consistently being developed and modernized, which puts the venues in Poland in the lead in Central and Eastern Europe. Between 2010 and 2014 the indoor exhibition space has grown from 275,000 m2 to 305,000 m2. The outdoor exhibition space has increased from 340,000 m2 to 346,000 m2. UFI also received statistical data of exhibitions compiled in the latest Report by PCEI – Exhibitions in Poland 2013. The Report presents the results of the research conducted by PCEI, audited by CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union. The Report contains statistics of 216 trade fairs and exhibitions organized in Poland by 21 organizers. The analysis of the statistics shows that it was a good year for the sector. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, October 20, 2014