Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry hosted Marcin Gębarowski

PIPT hosted again Mr. Marcin Gębarowski, the assistant professor at the Management Faculty of the Rzeszów University of Technology – our longstanding partner in the area of trade fair education, the co-author of the book B2BRelationship Marketing Management in Trade Fair Activity (by Marcin Gębarowski, PhD and Dariusz Siemieniako, PhD), the first publicationdedicated solely to the connection between relationship marketing managementand trade fair activity management, two essential marketing concepts.The issues of B2B management and B2B marketing are becoming of increasing interest to business scholars and practitioners. The bookinvestigates the role of trade fairs with regard to B2B relationship marketingmanagement in the era of the world economic crisis using the example of theretail real estate industry. A vital issue tackled in this book refers to theexploration of the characteristics of retail real estate trade fairs from theperspective of creating conditions favourable for developing businessrelationships. The book begins by presenting the issue of contemporaryretail real estate trade fairs and the methods of researching into themarketing activity of exhibitors. It then uses a four-stage primary researchmethod to propose a model of managing retail real estate trade fairparticipants’ relationships with customers and other trade fair participants.The results of this study are then used to present the issue of trade fairactivity management in a project life cycle, before the book goes on to explorethe general problem of relationship marketing management in B2B services. Inaddition, it also discusses marketing activities participated in during tradefairs, such as experiential marketing and a trade fair conversation. As such,the book provides an extensive perspective on the researched phenomenon, andits findings will also be useful in other industries. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, September 2016.