PCEI Members received the Medals on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Polish Chamber of Commerce

During the General Meeting of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry which took place in Warsaw on June 8, 2016, Mr. Marek Kłoczko, the Vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce awarded several distinguished Members of PCEI on the occasion of 25. Anniversary of PCC. Among the persons there were: Mr. Andrzej Bobiński (president of Transmeble International), Mr. Andrzej Meliński (president of Meliński Minuth),Mr. Ryszard Migdalski (director of ZIAD Bielsko-Biała), Mr. Ryszard Puciato (president of World Expo International), Mrs. Agnieszka Strzelczyk – Walczak (president of A.S. Messe Consulting), Mr. Wawrzyniec Wierzejewski (president of Media Expo) and Mr. Zenon Żurek (president of Partner). Congratulations!