PCEI member company JMT Polska co-organized the visit of the Dutch Royal Couple in Poland

On June 25th, 2014, Poznań and Swarzędz were visited by the Dutch Royal Couple – HM King Willem-Alexander and HM Queen Máxima. The two-day visit in Poland was at the invitation of the President of Poland, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski and it was the first official visit of the Royal Couple of the Netherlands in our country after the King Willem – Alexander assumed the throne in April 2013. On the second day the guests came to Wielkopolska, among others, to celebrate the second anniversary of opening the rail connection between the Clip terminal in Swarzędz and the Rotterdam Harbor. At the Ławica Airport in Poznań the guests were welcomed by the Mayor of Poznań, Mr. Ryszard Grobelny. The Royal Couple also visited the Logistics Center in Swarzędz. The reception for the Royal Couple in Swarzędz was organized by one of our member companies JMT Polska which provided a fully-equipped stylish tent for the event. At the end of their stay, the guests travelled to the National Museum in Poznań for the Polish-Dutch Cooperation Forum. Speaking in Warsaw on the first day of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands’ two-day visit to Poland, President Bronislaw Komorowski noted with satisfaction that there was an important element of joint thinking by Poland and the Netherlands on various issues. We treat this not only as a sign of our joint will to consolidate traditionally good, friendly Polish-Dutch relations but also as a sign that we will work to strengthen (these) relations in all areas important in the functioning of countries and nations, the Polish president said. The president emphasised that Poland strongly appreciated the presence of investors from the Netherlands. The level of investment commitment is impressive, but we should do more to make it grow, Komorowski said. He pointed out that trade exchange between the two countries was growing and that Poland was benefitting from this. King Willem-Alexander described Poland as a very attractive partner – it reported economic growth when many other European countries were in crisis. Poland is an inspiring partner in the heart of Europe. We want to build the future on our good relations because we are convinced it will bring many opportunities for both Poland and the Netherlands, the Dutch monarch said. He expressed admiration for the Polish transformation. Poland has become a strong, dynamic partner and has a lot to offer, he said, adding that both countries were interested in innovation in the economy. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry; www.prezydent.pl photo by JMT Polska