PCEI advises and trains – new labour law

In order to accomplish its statutory objectives and to meet the expectations of the Members regarding the planned changes to the labour law, PCEI, in collaboration with the expert, Prof. Anna Musiała (UAM, Poznań), organises a series of trainings called New labour code. Selected topics The first training dedicated to our sector was held in Poznań on April 15, 2018, (Wednesday) at World Trade Center Poznań (ul. Bukowska 12) starting at 10:30. The topic of the training was “Self-employment”. The training agenda was as follows: Self-employment in the light of regulations of the new labour lawSelf-employment versus the draft of amendments to the act on national labour inspectorate (presumed employment relationship) Mandatory characteristics of self-employment in the context of the labour inspection Sanctions related to establishing self-employment instead of an employment contract. The second training on the new labour code is planned for June. The exact date will be announced soon. The second training will focus on employment contract: non-full-time contracts, part-time contracts, seasonal contract, contract for a definite period of time.