Passion in the actions of Poznań International Fair

Accept the dose of positive energy! This is who Poznań International Fairencouraged people to watch an original video clip which presents their passionto act. The clip presents the work of the team which organizes exhibitions, thevisitors, the exhibitors and the relaxed President Andrzej Byrt. Presenting positive emotions and passion is the objective of this unusualpromotional campaign of PIF. – We wanted to show that Poznań InternationalFair is not only about business atmosphere and meetings of professional but itis also the passion to act. Exhibitions are building their position andcompetitive advantage based on the team of people who put their hearts, timeand energy in their work. Thanks to this the events we organize are alwaysaccompanied by positive inspiring emotions, which can be seen in this movie –says Iwona Kasprzak-Ciesielska, the Marketing Director of PIF. The clip Passion to act was made according to the concept by MaciejKautz and Kamil Biegański, the authors of the Poznań video clip Happyto the song of Pharrell Williams. The film was made during the exhibitions Budma,Poznań Fashion Show, Cavaliada, Pyrkon Fantasy Festival, MotorShow and TTM. Thegreat soundtrack adds positive energy to the production. The authors used thesong Larger Than Life by Pinkzebra. Passion to act is a modern way to promote exhibitions and itwas a great success. It was warmly welcomed not only by the exhibition worldbut also by the inhabitants of Poznań and people from all over Poland.Congratulations to Poznań International Fair on the great idea and we arelooking forward to more of such positive and original films! Source: MTP,