On benefits and methods of visualising events

Why do we need visualizations? What are the benefits for event organizers? Which visualisation method helps to build strategies and plan events? What is “the three principle”? These questions were discussed today during Meetings Week Poland 2018 by participants of another debate. Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry was represented by Jacek Kisiała – the co-owner of Extend Vision. Participants of the debate “Why do we need visualizations?” were Jakub Zdrzalik (Perfectto), Anna Nowakowska (strefamice.pl), Dagmara Marzyńska – Małecka (atelier Dance Group ), Piotr Wojdat (evenea, SBE), Paweł Czerniak (Brill AV Media), Małgorzata Machynia (FSWO), Jacek Kisiała (Vice-President of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, co-owner of Extend Vision). Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry is a partner of Meetings Week Poland 2018. Meetings Week Poland 2018 is a week of educational and promotional events for the Polish events industry.