Meliński Minuth obtained the ISO certificate 20121:2012 Sustainable Event Management

It is our pleasure to inform that the company Meliński Minuth, as the first in Poland and one of the few in the world, has received the ISO certificate 20121:2012 in the Sustainable Event Management. It is a great success not only for the employees of Meliński Minuth but also for the whole exhibition sector in Poland. The implementation of the new standard means also transferring global trends and the highest standards to the local market. Origin of the concept The London Olympics showed international organisers the need to develop a new standard defining a sustainable management system for the event sector. The regular growth of events and their global scale require a responsible approach which will take into account the economic, environmental and social consequences of mass events. Due to the above, the International Organisation for Standardization implemented IS0 20121; Sustainability in event management, and the works on the standard involved 30 countries and institutions. The new ISO 20121 standard defines the frames of pro-ecological solutions which are possible to apply not only be event organisers but also by individual participants of the supply chain. Such systemic work from the bottom up aims at implementing long-term and multilevel changes, which will significantly minimise the negative impact of the sector on the environment. Meliński Minuth is a company socially responsible for the impact of their decision and actions on the society and the environment. That is why the company decided to meet the expectations of their stakeholders, i.e. everyone who may influence them or may be influenced by their operations in any way. The customers are key stakeholders. The certificate was granted to the company after a positive appraisal by an external audit conducted by SGS. In the appraisal, the SGS auditor noticed the real impact of the system on minimising the negative impact on the environment. She also paid attention to the innovative and comprehensive approach to identification and mapping the stakeholders, defining the channels and methods of communicating with them, which in the future will result in unobstructed flow of information and will facilitate a quick reaction to the expectations of interested parties. – Meliński Minuth Sp. z o.o., by taking actions which have only just been hinted at above, has undoubtedly strengthened its market position, set new trends and accepted challenges which contribute to improving the conditions in the area of the environment, economy and the society, while propagating the idea of sustainable development among its suppliers, subcontractors and other interested parties – summarised Joanna Waberska, the SGS Lead Auditor. We are honoured that our efforts and work on the implementation of the sustainable event management system were acknowledged by one of the most prestigious certifying bodies in the world, SGS. It is worth noting the innovative approach to meeting the requirements of the ISO 20121 standard and the great engagement of all employees of our organisation. The certificate confirming the compliance of the implemented management system with the requirements of the ISO 20121 standard is the first one of its kind in Poland. This means that our company is effectively continuing innovative actions aimed at strengthening our image as the market leader. Our customers, when they decide to cooperate with us, are sure that our services meet the world standards of not only the high quality of exhibition stands we design, but also of sustainable development and social responsibility of our operations. We apply the best available practices and we also involve our suppliers in this process. Each stand made by our company meets not only the highest quality standards but also the environmental and social ones. We are looking forward to having you as one of the parts of the sustainable supply chain which we are building! – Andrzej Meliński, the CEO, summarised the audit and granting the certificate to Meliński Minuth. It is worth stressing that the implementation of the ISO 20121 standard, which supports sustainable event management, is one of the greatest achievements in the company history. It is really important that the process supports the efforts to plan and organise events according tie CSR rules.
Source: Meliński Minuth sp. z o.o.