Jacek Krywult i Károly Nagy Nagy are Exhibition Ambassadors 2016

On March 27, 2017, we learned the decision of the Chapter of the Honorary Title of PCEI Exhibition Ambassador 2016. This unique distinction was presented to Jacek Krywult, the Mayor of Bielsko Biała, and Károly Nagy, the long-standing Director of CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union. The Chapter consisting of the Exhibition Ambassadors of the previous years and the members of the Board of PCEI, convened on March 27, 2017, in the Krakow City Hall, at the invitation of the Mayor of the City of Krakow, Prof. Jacek Majchrowski, PhD., Exhibition Ambassador 2015. The meeting of the Chapter was attended by Mayor Majchrowski and the Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk, PhD., Exhibition Ambassador 2014. Below we present the Laureates of the Title of the Exhibition Ambassador 2016 . Since the start of his professional career, Mayor Jacek Krywult has displayed a pro-exhibition attitude. He spent 35 years working in the Factory of Electrical Devices Apena , which at his initiative participated in numerous international trade fairs and this attracted customers internationally. Since 2002, as the Mayor of the City of Bielsko Biała, he has advocated the construction of exhibition infrastructure in the city as an important factor for the development of business and promotion of the city. In an exceptional way he has supported the development of the International Energy Fair ENERGETAB, the leading fair of that sector in Central and Eastern Europe, organized by ZIAD of Bielsko Biała. Thanks to the decisions and efforts of the city authorities (e.g. organizations of co-financing from the EU funds), in 2010, on the grounds of ZIAD, a multifunctional pavilion was erected and commissioned, which allows for the organization of the ENERGATAB fair and many other regional fairs, as well as cultural and sports events. Mayor Krywult assumes patronage over many of those trade fairs and exhibitions. He also visits the exhibitions and talks with exhibitors and visitors. Without his engagement and goodwill, such a dynamic development of trade fairs and exhibitions in Bielsko Biała would not have been possible. Mr Károly Nagy – a Hungarian citizen and a great friend of Poland, and economist and exhibition aficionado, he greatly contributed to the development of exhibitions in Poland. This respected expert of the exhibition sector and a university lecturer has been connected with the exhibitions in Poland for 20 years i.e. when, at his initiative, four leading exhibition companies in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poznań International Fair (as well as Hungexpo of Budapest, Incheba of Bratislava and Incheba of Prague), set up CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union. The main objective of this elite association was to audit and promote statistical data of exhibitions organized in the CEE region, including Poland – the largest exhibition market of the region. The exhibition community associated in PCEI have long appreciated Mr Nagy’s engagement in the development of the Polish exhibition market and its international promotion. For over a dozen years he has supported PCEI in the implementation of the professional audit of exhibition statistics in Poland, thanks to which over 200 exhibitions annually are able to present and promote reliable, comparable internationally key statistical parameters of exhibitions. In 2007 Mr Károly Nagy received the title of the Honorary Member of PCEI as a token of appreciation of his involvement in the development of the Polish exhibition market. In 2013, at the 20th anniversary of PCEI, at the request of PCEI addressed to the Minister of the Economy, Mr Károly Nagy received the the highest Polish state decoration – the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. Currently, in retirement, he remains in constant contact with the Chamber, advices in the capacity of an expert during promotional projects run by PIPT and CENTREX, and he plays an active role in the events of the Chamber – General Meetings, , Winter Conventions and promotional campaigns. Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, the most important organization associating businesses of the exhibition industry, has been presenting the title of the Exhibition Ambassador since 2011. The originator of the award (2010) was Adam Gabrysiak, Vice President of PCEI. The title can be conferred to people of business, science of politics, who contribute to the development of the exhibition sector in Poland and the popularization of the concept of trade fairs. The honorary title of the Exhibition Ambassador is conferred once a year upon the motion of the Members of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. The title of the Exhibition Ambassador: and the symbolic statuettes are presented to people with outstanding achievements for exhibitions and their promotion in Poland and abroad. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, March 27, 2017.