INEXPO awarded the title of The Leader of Trade Fair Services 2013

For the seventeenth time in history the Jury of the competition The Leader of Trade Fair Services by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry met to choose the winner. The meeting took place in Poznań on March 3rd, 2014. According to the Jury decision the title of the „Leader of Trade Fair Services 2013 went to INEXPO – Poznańska Agencja Targowa Piotr Wojewodzic Jan Lisiak ( ). The Jury of the Leader of Trade Fair Services 2013 acknowledged the company’s experience in the business, obtaining patents from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland as well as comprehensive solutions in designing and construction of stands, ambitiuos works and high quality of the services. INEXPO – Poznańska Agencja Targowa (Poznań Trade Fair Services Agency) is one of the oldest private businesses on the Polish exhibition scene, involved in developing exhibition stands,. Founded in 1988, as a full service contractor with the aim of designing and constructing purpose made exhibition stands, last year the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. The wide range of services offered by INEXPO to its Customers, Polish and foreign exhibitors, includes: design, construction and installation of exhibition stands, equipping stands with furniture, lighting systems, audiovisual and multimedia equipment and electrical and water sewage installations. The company specializes in the construction of two-storey stands and is one of few Polish companies oferring construction of outdoor pavillions. Long-term experience and personal engagement of the company team in the business, which have resulted in developing practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Clients’ needs, guarrantee high quality and reliability of services rendered to Clients. Numerous awards and prizes received by INEXPO over the years, including The Leader of Trade Fair Services 1999 title, Stand of the Years 2011 – Golden Medal award, Stand of the Year 2010 – Brown Medal award and many others, confirm high level of professionalism. The competition Leader of Trade Fair Services is organized for companies which render services in the field of design and construction of exhibition stands and are associated in Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, the only national and the most important organization of enterprises operating in the Polish exhibition market. The 5-person Jury of the Competition consists of independent experts who are outstanding Polish architects and designers of exhibition stands, on the one hand, and the industry leaders – the laureates of the previous editions of the Leader competition (PCEI members), on the other hand. The reason behind the appointment to the Jury the PCEI specialists in design and construction of exhibition stands is their knowledge of modern solutions in exhibition architecture used by individual construction companies at different exhibitions in the world. Therefore, they are able to assess the actual achievements of companies which compete for the title of the Leader. The composition of the Jury of the Leader of Trade Fair Services Competition 2013 is: Mr. Tadeusz Piątek (architect, Warsaw; Honorary Member of PCEI) – the Chairman of the Jury, and: Mr. Ryszard Grajewski (architect, Warsaw; Honorary Member of PCEI), Mr. Andrzej Meliński, president of the Board of Meliński Minuth from Poznań (The Leader of Trade Fair Services 2010), Marek Partyła, president of the Board of Probudex from Cracov (The Leader of Trade Fair Services 2011) and Mr. Maciej Witkowiak, president of the Board of Inter Mark Group from Poznań (The Leader of Trade Fair Services 2012). As far as the verdict is concerned, the Jurors were of the same opinion.- I am very happy about the level of the competition. INEXPO, one of the leading Polish companies in the field of design and construction of exhibition stands, has gained spectacular experience.- comments Mr. Ryszard Grajewski, the Jury member. – The company’s achievements presented in the application certainly made impression on us. Over the past 25-years the INEXPO company evolved from a small but hard working service provider to the industry leader whose projects distinguish them from the competition. – adds Andrzej Meliński, CEO of Meliński Minuth, the twofold Leader of Trade Fair Services (2000, 2010). Mr. Piotr Wojewodzic, the co-owner of INEXPO – Poznań Trade Fair Services Agency said: – Since the very beginning we have tried to put emphasis on high quality of services and understanding the needs of our customers. During 25 years in the business we have put in touch and worked with exhbitors representing different sectors of economy. Our company has designed and built several thousand of exhibition stands at exhibitions at home and abroad. – We are proud we can influence the development of the market of exhibiting services in Poland and increase the quality of these services. Today Polish companies providing exhibiting services successfully compete with the service providers in this field from the leading European markets, e.g. Germany or Italy. Thanks to the individual approach to the design and construction, taking into account marketing aspects and objectives of the company participation in exhibitions, as well as the high quality of the execution, the leading Polish providers of exhibiting servives are able to cooperate in a long term, with major Polish companies from numerous sectors of economy, as well as with many leading companies from abroad. In this way our work facilities the develpment of Polish export. – added Mr. Jan Lisiak, the other co-owner of INEXPO. Time for promotion The laureates of the previous editions of the competition who this time played role of the Jury members appreciate the idea of the project and point out the promotional aspects of the competition. – The Leader of Trade Fair Services competition is a great form of promotion for constructors of exhibition stands. The award by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry creates an opportunnity for the winners to present themselves from the best side, to Polish and foreign exhibitors at home and abroad. – says Maciej Witkowiak, CEO of Inter Mark Group, twofold winner of the Competition (2006, 2012). Andrzej Meliński, who also sees the Competition’s promotional potenential, pays attention to the role of it in developing the innovative and creative art of exhibition stand design. – The award is a motivating factor, not only for the winner but for the entire business. The title of the Leader is a confirmation of high quality level and reliability of the company and a proper customer service during exhibitions. PCEI – the Ambassador of the Art of Exhibition Stand Design The objective of the Competition organized by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry is to increase the quality of trade fair services and to promote companies which stand out in terms of their business activities with regards to the application of modern design solutions, new technologies, exceptional designs and their execution, and which pay particular attention to the implementation of modern concepts in exhibition stand design and architecture. Thanks to the organization of such initiatives as the Leader of Trade Fair Services competition, the art of exhibition stand design can be much better promoted. Not only for exhibitors, it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this type of art. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, March 4th, 2014;photos INEXPO archives; photos Dariusz Ozdoba.