Global Exhibitions Day 2016 – June 8, 2016, brought together the whole exhibitions world and … earned it new friends

On June 8, 2016, for the first time in history, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry and its important business partners: CENTREX, International Exhibition Statistics Union, (Central and Eastern Europe) and the Polish Chamber of Commerce, as well as the most important Polish MICE organizations: Poland Convention Bureau (POT), Polish Conference and Congress Association (SKKP),, Event Sector Associations (SBE), Club of Event Agencies – celebrated the Global Exhibitions Day 2016. Everything was happening in line with actions of several dozen exhibition associations, hundreds of exhibition organizers, venue operators, and companies which offer exhibition related services from all continents around the world. High activity was also in online information channels and social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. To commemorate the holiday established by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, at the initiative of, among others, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, two events were held in Warsaw on June 8, 2016. The seat of the Polish Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual general meeting of PCEI attended by Marek Kłoczka, Vice-President of PCC, and Michał Konwicki, Director of Statute and Self-Government Office of PCC. It was preceded by an artistic event on the prestigious Studio Bank. The Polish Chamber of Commerce, of which PCEI is a member, granted its patronage to the celebration of the Global Exhibitions Day. On that day, distinguished members of PCEI received Medals of 25 years of the Polish Chamber of Commerce from Marek Kłoczka, the Vice-President of PCC. The Head of Poland Convention Bureau POT, Krzysztof Celuch, during the general meeting of PCEI, officially invited members of PCEI to cooperate on the project Poland Meetings Impact – the first Polish and seventh survey in the world aimed at estimating the economic value of the MICE sector. The relationship between exhibitions and events has been formalized! On the Global Exhibitions Day 2016, Polish Chamber of Exhibitions Industry and the leading organisations of the event sector decided to ‘formalize’ their relationship which has continued for many years now. Both sectors have much in common – at present almost each exhibition is accompanies by many events. During the happening in Studio Bank in Warsaw, Magdalena Kondas, the editor in chief of, on behalf of the event sector, and Przemysław Trawa, the President of PCEI and the Head of Poznań International Fair, played the symbolic roles of bride and groom. Present were: Andrzej Mochoń, chairman of CENTREX – International Exhibition Statistics Union; Karoly Nagy, former CENTREX executive director and PCEI honorary member; Krzysztof Celuch, director of Poland Convention Bureau POT; Sławomir Wróblewski, secretary general of SKKP – Association of Conferences and Congreses in Poland. Why the Global Exhibitions Day? The aim of the Global Exhibitions Day 2016 campaign is to highlight the role of the exhibition industry in the perception of the key stakeholders who are: business community, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (potential clients of exhibitions), state an local authorities, as well as the future generation of exhibition employees. On the Global Exhibitions Day 2016 around the world, from Sao Paulo to Shanghai, from Scandinavia to South Africa, the exhibitions industry and MICE companies united in the unique campaign spoke in one voice to communicate the most important benefits of exhibitions: o Exhibitions are the most effecting marketing tool, especially for SMEs! o Exhibitions stimulate innovativeness and competitiveness! o Exhibitions foster the development of trade and are an instrument of internationalization! o Exhibitions support economic growth and generate social and economic benefits! o Exhibitions connect people! – Exhibitions mean contact face to face! – Exhibitions teach and entertain! – We love exhibitions! The Global Exhibitions Day is an opportunity to honour people who work in the exhibition industry around the world and to show the attractiveness of this profession and career opportunities in companies from the exhibition sector. Download materials for a Global Exhibitions Day
Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, May 9, 2016.