German Trade Fairs International about Polish fair market

In May „Trade Fairs International” (international trade fair jurnal) published an article describing condition of the Polish exhibition market. Trade Fairs International is a modern, bilingual (German and English) magazine dedicated to exhibition market professionals and clients from all over the world which, thanks to international distribution, goes to a wide audience. The article, entitled Indicators are looking up, says: ‘The latest economic reports from Poland given reason for optimism, indicating the recent onset of an upward trend in exports, consumption and investments. Seen in this light only, the trade fair industry could be judged as a thriving sector. However, this view is slightly flawed. “Globalisation processes mean that decisions are being made abroad,” says Przemyslaw Trawa. “This makes the situation a bit more complicated,” says the President of the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry (PCEI). “As a result, various multinational companies are tightening their budgets for fair participations.”’ Full article along with a translation is available at website.