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A compare and contrast essay on “Traditional learning versus online learning" - Tips & Sample


Many different types of essays are written nowadays. Some of these types of essays are very common such as an argumentative essay, persuasive essay, descriptive essay, etc. However with time and need different new types of essays have been introduced. These involve reflective essays, expository essays, compare and contrast essays, etc. The introduction of these different new types of essays has mainly been on the basis of the need or the purpose for which they are written. Every different type of essay is unique and different from one another based on the purpose for which it is written and also based on the way it is written. For instance, a compare and contrast essay is written by essay writer online to compare two different things, those things can be two different places or personalities, etc. 

In a compare and contrast essay mainly two different things are compared based on their features or characteristics. For example, a compare and contrast essay on two different places will highlight the positive as well as negative aspects of those different places individually to make a better comparison among them. It has often been observed that students and even beginner writers face issues in writing compare and contrast essays. The reason behind this is that they are not able to identify the features or characteristics based on which the comparison is to be carried out. This is the reason they are heard telling their classmates, parents, or even siblings to “write my paper or essay for me otherwise I'll miss the deadline”. As they have to meet the deadlines, therefore, they make sure someone does it for them rather than spending their own time on writing the essay effectively. 

For a compare and contrast essay, it is very necessary to spend time thinking about the basic features of both the things that are to be compared in the essay. This consideration will allow them to identify the features that are similar or dissimilar among the two things to be compared. A professional writer of a well-known essay writing service once suggested to the new writers that “A good writer is the one who spends his time in writing the essay rather than completing it in a hurry at the very last moment”. This clearly shows that effective essays are written only if the writer or the student spends his time on them. 

Mentioned below are some of the tips for writing effective compare and contrast essays: 

  1. Write the compare and contrast essay point by point. This will help you focus on each characteristic or feature individually and will thus provide a clear understanding to the readers. 
  2. Choose a topic for the compare and contrast essay that interests you. As it is very necessary for the writer to have a clear understanding of the topic of the things that are to be compared in order to write an effective compare and contrast essay.
  3. Properly organize or arrange the compare and contrast essay to help your audience identify the two different things and their characteristics clearly. 
  4. A good essay writer always prepares a detailed outline for the compare and contrast essay. In this outline, he identifies all the points that are to be included in the essay and after the preparation of a complete outline, he starts writing his essay.

Sample compare and contrast essay on “Traditional learning versus online learning"

Technology has changed every aspect of this world. From medical to healthcare and even to education all the disciplines have moved towards the adoption of technology. The increasing competition has allowed businesses as well as organizations all over the world to move towards the adoption of these advanced technologies if they aim to compete with the modern world. In the educational field, the traditional learning system has been transformed into an online learning system by most educational institutions all over the world. A number of different rows, as well as cons, are associated with a traditional as well as an online learning system. Some people as well as educational institutions find traditional learning systems the best while others oppose the system and prefer online learning systems. 

The traditional learning system is an old system of learning while the online learning system offers new ways of learning. The difference in learning ways provided by traditional and online learning systems is considerable. As the online learning system is based on the use of advanced technologies therefore it best suits the young generation as they are already attracted to technology. The traditional learning system is considered an old means of communicating information with the students and in this regard, it is not considered effective for students.

The online learning system is very costly and it is beyond the reach of the majority of the students while a traditional learning system is affordable for people belonging to even low backgrounds. The use of technology in online learning systems such as internet connection laptops computers tablets etc. Is not affordable for people belonging to poor backgrounds. This is the reason most of the students are not able to get an education. While on the other hand, the traditional learning system is affordable and in reach of almost all people. 

Traditional learning system offers one-on-one interaction between the students and their teachers. The online learning system lacks this facility. And this is the reason most of the students complain that they are not able to communicate their issues with their teachers in an online learning system. 


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