EXPO Kraków like a film studio!

Not without a reason the International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Krakow is called the space for special tasks. In the new venue of Targi w Krakowie company have recently taken place i.a.: 36-hour anime and manga fan convention, international card tournament for more than a thousand players, and in June the Centre transformed into the biggest tattoo studio in Poland. And this is only a substitute unusual metamorphosis of multifunctional facility, which in July worked out perfectly as a… perfect film studio! And that is why Stanisław Soyka in the cooperation with the Cracow Singers choir has realized shoots for his newest clip: Shakespeare a cappella! 3,2,1… action! The production of music video are realized by Concept Music Art and with the help of Cinerental Cinelight. At the EXPO Krakow they have had ideal conditions to work. The biggest hall – Wisla, which is the largest unlimited, roofed surface in the southern Poland provides access to daylight but also gives the possibility of total blackout. Floor load capacity (adapted to exposition of industrial machinery in the production cycle) allows entrance of heavy equipment through the wide gates. The team of the smaller conference and meeting rooms perfectly fits as walk-in wardrobes and workrooms. Wooden girders, which sustain the construction of halls have allowed for suspension of heavy equipment and lighting at a height of 8 meters. EXPO Krakow? It sounds great! But the shoot music video is not the only one musical accent of this year at EXPO Krakow. In September, will be visited by leading Polish hip-hop artists (i.a.: TEDE, O.S.T.R., donGURALesko or Sokol and Marysia Starosta) during the Kraków HIP-HOP Festival. Considering that in Krakow will be closed an important place of the concerts soon, which is Fabryka club and Studio club will be renovated, EXPO can become a regular place for live artistic performances. Let’s recall that at EXPO Krakow can take place not only fairs and congresses, but also concerts, festivals, conventions, theater performances, musicals, great banquets or sporting events on a global scale. Everything at Galicyjska 9 street, in Krakow. Source: Targi Krakow