Exhibition priority in the last phase of amendment works

For several months now PCEI has been running intensive factual and lobbying actions related to the adoption by the Council of Ministers on February 24, 2015, a draft of the act amending the Industrial Property Act and some other act, Below, please see the chronological timeline of latest events: • 30.07.2015 – a meeting of the extraordinary committee; the meeting was attended by the representatives of the Polish exhibition industry and PCEI; Paweł Babij, member of the Board of PCEI, as well as the President of the Polish Chamber of Construction Trade and Commerce, as well as Grażyna Basa, the patent spokesperson (see video recording), at the session, after a heated debate, the following PCEI project was adopted in the amendment of the act on industrial property right; 1) in article 15, the existing content has been designated as clause 1 and clauses 2 – 4 have been added worded as follows: 2. The priority to obtain the protection right for a utility model or the right from registration of an industrial design is eligible also under the rules set forth in clause 1 in the case of displaying the utility model or industrial design on a public exhibition in Poland other than those stipulated in clause 1, designated by the President of the Patent Office in a form of an announcement in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Poland Monitor Polski . 3. The exhibition referred to in clause 2 should warrant its credibility and in particular have an established reputation and a long-standing tradition. 4. The initiative to designate the exhibition referred to in clause 2 can be launched by a relevant minister, voivod or the body professionally dealing with the organization of the exhibition referred to in clause 3 ; • 03.08.2015 – he meeting of the Economic Commission which approved the draft of the extraordinary subcommittee and addressed the Parliament to past the draft of the Act; (link), • 05.08.2015 – 2nd and 3rd reading of the Act in the Parliament followed by a vote (result: 275 for, 8 against, 136 abstained (vote no. 139) the Act passed by the decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland; • 06.08.2015 – the Act passed to the Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Poland (link), • 07.08.2015 – the Act passed to the President of the Republic of Poland • 10.08.2015 -opinion of the Legislative Office of the Chancellery of the Senate on the act amending the Industrial Property Act • 27.08.2015 – the matter will be discussed by the National Economy Commission of the Senate