Exceptional end of the year for IDEAEXPO.MTP

IDEAEXPO.MTP – team of Poznań International Fair (MTP) specialized in the space arrangement – more and more spreads its wings. However, their basic activity still remains the building of stands in the area of MTP and in other Polish and European market centers, thanks to the gained experience, the team more often undertakes untypical works, connected with the event services – conferences, concerts, exhibitions and sport events, also outside Poznań. The whole 2013 can be assessed as a good year, IDEAEXPO.MTP created more than 5000 stands with the total area of almost 130.000 m2, but the most impressive performances were conducted at the end of the year. Between 11th and 12th November in the National Stadium in Warszawa had met almost 12 000 participants of the Climate Conference COP19, it means the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCC. For the organization of the infrastructure responsible was MTP, and because of that, some part of the works was undertaken by the construction team IDEAEXPO.MTP. The scope of the works includes i.e. building of the conference halls (including two plenary rooms with the area of 2975 m2 and 2175 m2) and equipping most of the rooms with furniture (17 500 furniture). Although the MTP had already prepared the climate conference COP14 in 2008, but these event took place in Poznań, and the organizers had much more time for their works. Just like five years ago, also this time the object chosen by the Ministry of Environment was perfectly adjusted for this prestigious meeting. The Minister of Environment in Poland Marcin Korolec, who during the session took the presidency over the Parties of the Convention UNFCCC, said: We managed to meet all expectations according to the climate summit in Warsaw. For sure, IDEAEXPO.MTP with its professionalism contributed to the success of capital conference. Traditionally, the top achievement in this year took place in December during the Show Jumping Competition CUP CSI3* in Poznań. CAVALIADA each year attracts more and more competitors and viewers. It is worth to mention, that this competition has been organized in the area of MTP since 1994, and from the very beginning the construction team is engaged in preparation of the technical infrastructure. The works gathered momentum in 2010, when the form of the show had changed. The event not only got bigger, but was also extended by two additional areas: CAVALIADA SHOW and CAVALIADA FAIR. At this point of time the event is well prepared in every detail including scope, arrangement and infrastructure. Additionally, for two years have been organized tour editions – in Warsaw and in Lublin within the cycle of the CAVALIADA TOUR competitions. The last edition of CAVALIADA in December was impressive. The pavilions of the MTP changed into professional sport halls, in which were situated stables for 450 horses, jumping course of 70 x 30 meters, warm up arena, stands for viewers, VIP zone, rooms for judges, technical services and TV crew. The competition transmission was broadcasted on huge screens, and family with kids could enjoy many attractions prepared within CAVALIADA SHOW. About 300 competitors took part in the show jumping competition. The audience gathered also in large numbers – competition and show were observed by almost 30 000 people! Because of that, CAVALIADA is also described as a great place to present offers of products “everything for horse and rider”. For two years the event has gathered 100 exhibitors. Except of traditional market stands, untypical performances and projects that need specialized knowledge and experience are becoming an identification feature of the IDEAEXPO.MTP. It can be noticed even on the basis of the above mentioned examples. The highest quality of the performance boasted by the organizers and viewers as well as perfect organization show that the professionals from the fair in Poznan can not only meet expectations of the consumers, but in many cases they can do more than that. Source: IDEAXPO.MTP