CENTREX audit for PCEI confirms the good condition of the exhibition market in Poland

The final statistical data of exhibitions in Poland, confirmed by the audit carried out by CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union, show that 2014 was a good year for the Polish exhibition sector and prove the continuous upward trend of all key parameters of the Polish exhibition market: the rented exhibition space, the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors. Due to the 2-year cycle of organization of some of the leading exhibition brands, exhibition statistics for 2014 are compared to 2012. According to the data of PCEI and CENTREX, the total amount of rented space at exhibitions in Poland amounted to 817,481 sq.m. (growth by 75,112 sq.m. on 2012). 214 trade fairs and exhibitions organized in the previous year were attended by 28,799 exhibitors (growth by 989). They presented their offer to 1,378,209 visitors (growth by 215,818). Poznań International Fair remains the unquestionable market leader. Parameters and standards are growing According to exhibition experts, the long-term economic growth in Poland supports the development of the Polish exhibition sector which undoubtedly follows the needs of the economy and entrepreneurs and simultaneously encourages the economic development of regions and the country. The better condition of many small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland encourages them to take part in over 200 specialist trade fairs and exhibitions in the country. The encouraging factor is also the decisively better quality of exhibitions. This is the consequence of the efforts of exhibition organizers and venue operators who are aware of the growing expectations of their customers and they care for improving the standard of exhibition-related services. They also adjust the exhibition offer (range) to the current needs of the exhibitors and the visitors. Exhibitors and visitors make use of the modern infrastructure of the dynamically developing, modernised and newly built exhibition centres operated by PCEI members. The good condition of exhibitions in Poland is also the consequence of the high quality offer for exhibition customers in Poland provided by exhibition service providers (companies which design, construct and equip exhibitions stands, transport and forwarding companies, multimedia and advertising services, catering and others). Between the East and the West An important aspect of the development of the Polish exhibition market is the favourable geopolitical location of Poland – on the border of the European Union. In the context of the role of exhibitions for the development of international trade, our country remains the most important exhibition market in Central Europe, which is confirmed by the growing number of foreign exhibitors. In 2014, there was a 7.4% increase in the number of foreign exhibitors (from 4,461 in 2012 to 4,790 in 2014). Besides their modern infrastructure, exhibitions in Poland are more frequently visited thanks to the significant improvement of the transport infrastructure. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, June 2015.