Expo Marketing celebrated Global Exhibitions Day 2018!

Modern exhibition marketing boosting sales – this was the theme of the third edition of Expo Marketing – an event aimed at providing Polish exhibitors with the latest knowledge aimed at increasing sales and marketing effectiveness of the exhibition stand.

The date of the meeting, which took place at the Business Centre Club in Warsaw, had been chosen for June 6th to celebrate Global Exhibitions Day. The reference to the global celebration of exhibitions is a symbolic confirmation of Polish membership in the international family of the exhibition business, our growing role in it, and drawing inspiration from the best world practices for improving the quality of exhibition marketing in Poland.

The target audience of Expo Marketing are companies which are open to new ideas for increasing the efficiency of already conducted exhibition activities, as well as those that intend to take part in exhibitions and want to do it in the best possible way to achieve their goals faster.

For companies providing services for exhibitors, participation in the event was an opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of the latest trends and techniques of exhibition marketing, as well as to attract customers from among exhibitors. The event was most beneficial for owners and presidents of companies, marketing and sales managers, heads of export and persons responsible for the implementation of exhibition activities. Thanks to participation in lectures and practical exercises, the participants took advantage of modern exhibition planning techniques to achieve sales and marketing goals; they found out which exhibitions to use to achieve their intended results, make better use of internet marketing tools and social media activities to increase the number of customers at the stand.

The knowledge about neuromarketing, sensory marketing techniques, digital signage, virtual reality, and augmented reality acquired during the workshops helps in its practical application during exhibitions. What to do to gain customers on the German market, how to better use the period after the exhibition, where to look for financing for export activities?

Participation in Expo Marketing helped in finding answers to these questions and it was also an opportunity to take advantage of individual advice, exchange experiences and establish valuable business contacts. Expo Marketing was run by Jerzy Osika – an expert in sales and exhibition marketing, CEO of Promedia, as well as by experts invited by him, among them: Agnieszka Strzelczyk – Walczak, CEO of A.S. Messe Consulting and Jacek Kisiała, CEO of Extend Vision. Traditionally, the honorary patron of the event is Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Expo Marketing was supported by the awarness campaign conducted by the Chamber entitled “Exhibitions Offer More”. You can learn more about the event at: www.expomarketing.com.pl We are looking forward to seeing you there! Source: www.targidajawiecej.pl