2nd Winter Run of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry

The most fit and active participants of the 8th Winter Convention of PCEI in Ciechocinek took part in the 2nd Winter Run of PCEI. The run was organized along the famous graduation towers in Ciechocinek with the support of the local Sports Centre. The route of the run with the distance of 2,600 meters or 5,200 meters (one or two laps around the towers) was covered during a perfect time despite unfavourable weather conditions, low temperature and thick fog. Perfect navigation skills of the runners prevented anyone from getting lost. It is worth adding that the runners sported unique t-shirts prepared by PCEI for the conference guests which promoted the Global Exhibitions Day 2017 . The winners of the run: 1st place: Marcin Frontczak (Transmeble International); 1st place: Andrzej Meliński (Meliński Minuth); 2nd place: Urszula Kotecka (PIPT), 2nd place: Przemysław Trawa (MTP); 3rd place: Jacek Kisiała (Extend Vision); 3rd place: Marek Wiktorowski (Exactus). The winners received commemorative diplomas during the evening Gala. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, November 2016 r. photo by fotobueno.pl