2014 European Fair Statistics provide certified figures for 23 countries

The latest edition of the Euro Fair Statistics report, has just ben published. It contains the certified statistics of 2 321 exhibitions from 23 European countries for 2014, including Poland (the data audited by CENTREX – International Exhibition Statistics Union). Compiled by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, these statistics were collected by fourteen official national bodies and include exhibitions covering over 24,7 million square metres of registered rented space. Paul Woodward, UFI Managing Director, stated that, “we are pleased to have been able to draw together this certified data from most of the big exhibition markets in Europe. We estimate that the trade fairs included in this report represents around half of the European exhibition market in terms of net rented space and this good quality, reliable data is aimed at helping marketers ensure that their budgets are spent effectively.” In 2014, the events covered in this report had 659 335 exhibitors and registered a total attendance of 64,6 million visitors. 39% of the exhibitions were targeted at trade visitors, 28% at public visitors and 33% at both target groups. Trends at both regional and global levels are examined using the data from this report. In addition to expanding geographic coverage, UFI will use this data to further develop metrics for various industry sectors. The complete 2014 Euro Fair Statistics study and other UFI studies may be downloaded at no cost on the UFI website at www.ufi.org/research Source: UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry; www.ufi.org