18 Associations, including PCEI, have formed a task force devoted to the Global Exhibitions Day

On January 5, 2016, in Paris, in the headquarters of UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, the first meeting was held for the task force for a new project, i.e. the first global campaign for the exhibition sector under the name ‘Global Exhibitions Day’. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the role of the exhibition industry in the perception of the key stakeholders who are: business community, particularly small and medium sized enterprises (potential clients of exhibitions), state an local authorities, as well as the future generation of exhibition employees. As a consequence of many months of discussions and arrangements, UFI took a decision to execute globally – with the support of national exhibition associations, simultaneously – on one day (and on accompanying days), a series of events of a promotional character, which would popularize the exhibition industry. The ‘GED’ task force currently consists of representatives of 18 national and regional exhibition associations from many countries around the world. Among them there are representatives of Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry and IAEE – the International Association of Exhibitions and Events from the United States. The two promotional projects which form the foundations of the current campaign are: Global Exhibitions Day (PCEI, Poland) and Exhibitions Day (IAEE, the USA), whose concepts came into life several years ago in Poland and in the US. We are proud to inform you that on the occasion of the first working meeting of the UFI ‘GED’ task force, the Ambassador of Poland in Paris, Mr Andrzej Byrt, hosted a ceremonious dinner. It was attended by Sergey Alexeev, the current President of UFI, and Kai Hattendorf, Managing Director of UFI, as well as the representatives of exhibition associations which are members of UFI, who were present on that day. The dinner was held in the beautiful venue of the Polish Embassy, the famous Hôtel de Monaco. Source: Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry, January 8, 2016.